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03 March 2020Narcissi
07 April 2020The Weeding of the 5000 with 2 hoes and 5 wishes
05 May 2020Peaks and Troughs - A Guide to Growing Alpines
12 May 2020Visit Ramblers, Brian Humphrey's Garden
02 June 2020Visit to Bressingham Gardens
06 October 2020Gardening with Grasses
03 November 2020Roses, Who Dares, Prunes!
01 December 2020New Plants for 2021

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Narcissi Ann Tweddle Tuesday 03 March 2020

Ann Tweddle is Propagation Officer at Suffolk Plant Heritage. Ann will tell us about her research work on Reverend Englehearts’ Narcissi. The vicar bred these narcissii in the 1800s and Ann is trying to trace them and propagate them.

Anne will bring plants to sell